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Tree Care Made Easy

If you plan on ordering tree installation through Tree Source, Inc., we hope these tree care tips will prove beneficial. Get in touch with us to order your tree and get started. Some of the trees that we offer include:

• Bald Cypress
• Burr Oak
• Cedar Elm
• Chinese Pistachio
• Eastern Red Cedar
• Lace Bark Elm
• Live Oak
• Red Oak 'Shumardi'

General Tree Care

Since you will assume maintenance of the tree upon installation, these instructions should be carefully followed. Like the rest of your landscaping, a new tree demands routine care to thrive and remain the centerpiece of your yard for years to come. Below you will find some tree care suggestions that will help you keep your new tree looking flawless season after season.

Man Standing Beside a Tree


During the first year and a half of a newly planted tree, the root system is restricted to a "root ball." The root system will take about two and a half years to re-establish itself in the surrounding ground, so care must be concentrated on the root ball during the first year and a half. Keep the root ball moist at all times, but not standing in water.


Different soil types drain differently, and some hold water longer than others. Standing water will kill a tree just as easily as letting the root ball dry out. The recommended method of watering is to place a water hose running at a slow trickle directly on top of the root ball. If your soil has poor drainage, it is better to water a little bit at a time, a little more often. During the first year and a half, use the following temperature guidelines for watering frequency (adjust accordingly for rainfall).

Temperature Watering Frequency
60 Degrees Once Every 10 Days
70 Degrees Once a Week
80 Degrees Twice a Week
90 Degrees Three Times a Week


A sprinkler system will generally penetrate only 4" deep, whereas most root zones are 18" to 24" deep. For this reason, additional water must be applied accordingly with a water hose.

Fertilizer & Mulch

Apply fertilizer only during the growing season and according to directions. A root stimulator may also be used during the first year according to directions. You can also leave a 1" layer of pine bark mulch to keep the soil moist.

Winter Care

During the winter, do not let the tree go for an extended period without water, and be sure to water every two weeks if there is no rainfall. This watering schedule should continue for a period of one and a half years until the tree has a chance to re-establish its root system.