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Tree Source, Inc. has established a simple foundation of policies and procedures about planting trees and other lawn maintenance services. These policies are not only the basis of our company's success, but they also ensure that you, our customer, will always receive the highest standards of service.

A. All trees planted by Tree Source, Inc. shall be guaranteed for one year. This guarantee begins upon the completion of your tree's installation.

B. Tree Source, Inc. will not be responsible for underground utilities not located by Dig Tess locating services. Owners assume all responsibility. This includes any/all irrigation and unmarked gas lines from meter to house. Therefore, all repairs will be incurred at the owner's expense.

C. The property owner will assume any/all additional costs for the removal of fences, walls, sprinklers, gas lines, or any other obstructions that limit accessibility where trees are to be planted. All prices are based on the assumption that rock will not be encountered. If rock is encountered, an extra charge will be added for the costs of additional tools and labor.

D. Your one-year guarantee will not apply in cases where the tree dies because of fire, frost, storms, drought, hail damage, theft, vehicle damage, or damage because of weed eater.

E. At the first sign of a problem, Tree Source, Inc. would like to be notified in order to have an opportunity for an assessment and correction of the problem.

F. Your warranty will be voided if dirt and/or plants are placed on top of the root ball during the first year.

G. Any tree eligible for replacement shall be removed and replaced with that same size and type as soon as the season permits. The first replacement will be at no cost, and the second replacement will cost half the price of the tree. You may incur additional charges for fence removal, utility access, or crane fees.

H. There is no warranty on trees not installed by Tree Source, Inc. This includes trees picked up by the customer and other trees delivered to the agreed-upon site between Tree Source, Inc. and the customer.